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Welcome to the new look Framfare website!

Reason for the change - Onesuffolk have had to move all of the websites over to a new 'SilverStripe' CMS (Content Management System) before the end of March. The new system provides a lot more functionality and extra features such as Events calendars, galleries, blogs, news articles, comments forms and links to social networking sites.

We've also taken the opportunity to upload all historical editions of Framfare from January 2010 onwards, and to merge them into single files. Most people have broadband these days and the file sizes are normally less than 5 megabytes, in many cases less than 3 MB. It makes them easier to read than lots of single pages. If this causes anyone problems with downloading, please let the Admin or Ed know.

Comments on the new site are welcomed. Search functionality is better than before and it is possible to attach a lot of 'key words' to each edition of Framfare. If anyone wants to compile a list (edition date in year/month and short list of keywords separated by commas) then we promise to update historical issues.

Hope you enjoy the new features - and keep reading!

Framfare Admin

By Admin on March 30th, 2012

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